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(Source: kithgifs)

(Source: kithgifs)

Watching an episode of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends with KEVIN MCDONALD!

At points in this movie, Denzel Crocker sounds like Kevin McDonald and I wish that it was him, but alas, he is being played by David Lewis.

"I look pretty awful in this gown and my legs aren’t structurally sound!"

Mr. Bilbo!


Every time I watch Fish Hooks I look for Kevin McDonald’s name in the beginning. 

Fish Hooks is on but it’s not a Kevin McDonald episode so that’s a bit disappointing.

I have to watch my recording of MY Life as Liz, shower, and go to my sister’s first recital today. I slept until 3 PM and had a dream I was dating Charlie McDonnell. This needs to become a reality. Now.

"Hey good lookin’! Whatcha got cookin’ sir? Sexiness, that’s what!"

- Kevin McDonald talking to Kevin McDonald